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This is a key phase of any new product development programme. Decisions taken during the industrialization phase can have concequences for the viability of both the programme and the product for years to come. Input from Pharmadelivery Solutions Ltd has been sought on a number of complex programmes, where the experience and expertise from both the manufacture and marketer perspective is considered an asset. The input from PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd has taken the form of;
  • Identification of potential supply partners.
  • Generation and co-ordination of requests for Proposal (RFP).
  • GAP analysis on existing manufacturing capabilities (e.g. Metered Dose Inhalers).
  • Preliminary Cost of Goods and Best Buy Analysis modelling.
  • Potential device manufacturer audits (GMP).
  • Generation/ review of Product Requirements Documents and specifications.
  • Leading or contributing to Design for manufacture and Design for inspection activities.
  • Membership of Validation Steering Committees. 
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