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Why PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd

Having been involved with consultants from the receiving side of the fence, we realise how difficult it can sometimes be to access resource with true depth and how the resultant costs can often be prohibitive. It is PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd mission to offer an outstanding value proposition on experience and advice with proven knowledge and gravitas in the field.

Wherever possible we like to develop "fixed price" proposals for our work in this way we hope to avoid any "nasty surprises" for our clients.
PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd is not motivated by the generation of its own Intellectual Property, we seek to work with our clients, who having funded the work own any resulting new IP, without strings.
PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd has been involved and continues to be involved with a range of drug delivery approaches and has the ability to draw on its experience in one fiels and translate the core principles to other approaches.
PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd’s growth is dependant very much on word of mouth referrals and satisfied customers, hence the additional emphasis on the word “Delivery” in our name.
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